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Our clients can easily get in touch with us because one of our main objectives is to have proper communication with our customers. It is because of this that we maintain a support center which is at the disposal of our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our consultants are friendly, polite and knowledgeable professionals who will happily answer all your questions, provide you with additional information and help you with the booking of our cleaning services.


Give us a phone call today at 020 8077 6947.

The easiest and most direct way to get in touch with us would call us on the telephone numbers which we have provided on our website. Our lines are constantly open and as we mentioned above our phone operators will do their best to accommodate all your demands and make sure that you obtain the information that you desire. Once you give us a call, you shouldn’t be timid to ask about our special discounts and lucrative promotions.


Feel free to use our chat if you cannot make a telephone call and still want to contact us immediately. Our consultants we momentarily take your inquiries and provide you answer as soon as physically possible. You can also use our chat to request your personalized free quote so that you can see in advance how much our assistance will cost you. If you don’t have the time to conduct a chat session, you can always use the online form which we have posted on our website to contact us. Just fill in the different fields and provide us with an e-mail address to which we can send you the information that you wish you gather.

Multiple ways for communication

Speaking of e-mail, know that you can send us an e-mail at any time of the day. Make sure that you state the type of your sanitation project and when you want us to conduct it, and our customer consultants will quickly draft a work plan and send it to you for approval. If the job can be handled in multiple ways, all options will be given to you, so that you can choose the approach that best suits your needs and personal schedule. Once all details are arranged, we will send you a final quotation, so don’t worry about hidden fees and taxes.